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Host Club_________________________________ Seminar Location______________


Seminar Contact___________________________ Phone Number_________________


Address__________________________________City, State, Zip_________________


Seminar Dates_____________________________ Subject_______________________


Size/Shape of China to be used________________


Club/Demo Dates___________________________Subject_______________________


Will I be staying in a private home or hotel?____Hostess Name__________________

If hotel is the choice, the club will absorb the expenses.


Seminars will consist of three days of instruction, working toward one completed piece.  In fairness to everyone, only one piece of china will be corrected by the teacher.  The seminar will consist of 8-10 students in exchange for a fee of $350.00 per day.  In addition, students beyond 10 will be charged $30.00 per student per day.  For each student, the teacher will provide folders, visual aids, hand-outs or line drawings for a small fee.  The teacher will also sell supplies, various painted pieces, and related items.  As a courtesy to the teacher, two tables in the classroom will be necessary, so that these items may be available for the students.  The teachers will not be expected to leave a painted piece for the hostess, to work on the hostess’s piece in the evenings or to paint a piece for the club.


Traveling Costs are to be paid from the teacher’s residence or from the pervious engagement.  Airfare will be based on the most economical flight available.  Transportation from the airport to the seminar/lodging for myself, and a return to the airport is to be arranged by the host club.  One extra day lodging may be required when flying, due to arrival and departure times (in order to obtain the most economical flight) which often have conditions.  Estimated travel by plane for this engagement is $________.  Estimated travel by car for this engagement is $__________.  The hostess or host club is responsible for collection of pre-registration monies.  The teacher does not absorb the seminar fee for the hostess.


A deposit of $200.00 is required at the time of signing this contract.


Cancelation notification of this seminar is required at least 90 days prior to the scheduled date.  If cancelation is made less than 90 days before its scheduled date, the $200.00 deposit will not be returned.  If cancelation is made 39 days or less, a cancelation fee of $300.00 is owed the teacher, and will be mandatory in addition to the deposit of $200.00 and will be due at the time of cancelation.


Club Demonstrations will consist of a two hour, step-by-step painting demonstration, lecture or instructions.  This fee is $125.00 per day, plus travel expenses.


Paint-a-longs consist of up to four hours of demonstrating techniques.  Paint-a-longs (up to 22 students) will be accepted but will not be a hands-on-workshop.  This fee is $150.00 per day, plus travel expenses.


Private Instructions are available in my home in Michigan.  Either China painting or watercolor classes are available upon request.  Call for details.


Our group has read this contract and we agree to its terms. 

We fully honor our commitment to Mary (Ashcroft) Seehagen/Ashcroft Studios.

Both signatures confirm the agreement.

Please return one copy and keep the other for your files.

Any further information will gladly be provided upon request.


Seminar Coordinator’s Signature___________________________________________




Mary Seehagen’s Signature________________________________________________




Please be sure to include the $200.00 deposit with the signing of this contract.


Personal Notes:

Mary is a non-smoker, and prefers to stay in homes that are free of dogs.  She is afraid of dogs.  For your information, Mary does not eat anything that swims.  She prefers to eat healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables, but is not a vegetarian.



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